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Veronica Villaclara - 5.0

Date: 2022-05-05

I have only the best compliments for Santos and his crew. They did an amazing job refinishing my bamboo floors. My project was daunting, as I had very dark bamboo floors but Santos went above and beyond to re-assure me I would get the results I was looking for. He met with me several times to go over the options that were available for my particular bamboo and in the end the finished product far exceeded my expectations.
I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a hardwood flooring expert. Santos and his crew not only have the highest expertise and knowledge when it comes to hardwood floors, they truly take pride in their work. They are trustworthy, punctual, dedicated, and meticulous with detail. I am very happy I chose them for my project!

Sam Walker - 5.0

Date: 2022-04-05

I am broken hearted that I don't see my review here, because this man did so much and was so amazing! A review is the least I could do to say Thank you for everything he did, and I must have forgotten to click something to post it.
I needed FAR more work than I could afford. Anyone would have been willing to come in and install flooring o er what I had, but I had rooms with old wood that couldn't easily be matched and wanted the floors to all match and flow through the living room, into the breakfast knook and kitchen, the entry and bathroom, but all were at different levels. I was either told to pay a lot to remove old glue down in wood subfloor, and that still wouldn't match the height in the bathroom and I really wa Ted one level. So since we couldn't afford it, my daughter and I lived on subfloor for years, while I tried to save. I was so embarrassed I was finally going to try to remove the old floors myself and soon learned I could have caused myself a bigger problem because old glue wood on wood subfloor can do a lot of damage when removing so we went in another year,. I saw Santos's ad, and called just to see what it would cost if I gave up and had flooring installed and it would just have to have different levels (step up an inch to the bathroom, down an inch to the lading, up an inch to the living room and down an inch into the kitchen (not classy at all!!) He saw how sad I was that I couldn't afford to do it right, and took the time no one else did to list what could be done if done right, what he could do to work around things to lower budget, and how the two choices would effect things. Instead of the removal of the big main floor to make the floor heights match everywhere accept the guest bathroom, he showed me that if he added wood to raise the floor in the kitchen and entry, it would save a great deal and everything would be at the same level. He showed me where the floors were t level, and said I could proceed as is or pay to bring them level, and since I couldn't afford to bring everything level, he showed me the worst areas, and leveled those, and made everything work beautifully. I haven't found anyone who cares enough about what they leave you with that would take the extra time like he does. For example I have a water heater in a closet next to my washer and dryer. I wasn't able to drain the water heater to remove it for the floors to be installed, so everyone said it didn't matter, it's just a closet and the flooring would just have to not go in that section at all. He too the time to cut perfectly so that it looks like it was installed under the water heater pan. And suggested when I can to buy extra flooring so that if Iin the future in ever replaced the water heater, I could add the flooring in that section when I could, but since I couldn't now he did what would look best for me in the meantime. Everyone else said they'd just stop the flooring before the waterheater but that would have driven me crazy.
My stairs were not in good condition to lay vinyl plank over. Nothing was level, nothing was straight, many were so damaged when the carpet was removed, they needed a great deal of work. He made everything wonderful. I want to post pictures of everything but I'm still working on bathrooms and closets, and since I'm doing everything I can myself it's going slowly, so I'll post what I can and as things get finished post more pics, because I want to do the floors justice. BTW he lives animals, my giant cat who's deaf absolutely adored him, and would sit in his equipment and watch him work and had a ball hanging out with him. Anyways, if you want to talk to me, please tell him Samantha said it was OK to give out my number to anyone considering having him work on their home. I'd be so happy to. And I'll keep adding pictures, but this is a man with pride in his work, honest, and while of course he has to mKe a fair wage, he won't take advantage of anyone! A rare find now days! I will forever adore him for all his help and his kindness to my daughter and I.

Ricardo Cury - 5.0

Date: 2022-04-01

Santos helped us refinishing our 50+ white oak hardwood floor. He is an incredible professional and made us feel comfortable with the entire process. It's clear that he has a truly passion for what he does and he doesn't do just for money. I was lucky I've found Santos and I hope this review can help other people to find his service as well.

Marilynn Delmatoff - 5.0

Date: 2022-01-09

alana LaPretto - 5.0

Date: 2022-01-05

We are very happy with the work and service provided. Our refinished hardwood floors look fantastic, and the price was reasonable too!

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